"If a Picture paints a thousand words, why can't I paint you?"
(From the song "IF" by Bread)

Gallery and More Poems
The theme for the gallery of photographs this time is Outdoor Photography, focusing on flowers, mainly roses
List of Images:

Pink Roses
Pink Roses-Close Up
White Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses-Close Up
White Rose
Flowers Display
Red Tulips

Photography-Related Bio

My first venture into photography occurred in the early 1980’s when I bought my first camera, a 35mm Fuji camera.  I began by taking photographs of mainly nature and landscapes but also the architecture in Reading UK. 

            By the time I moved into my own Council accommodation, I bought my first personal digital Olympus Camera.  I continued to photograph nature and landscapes, and rapidly reduced taking shots of architecture.

            I have recently gained a Diploma in Photography with the IOP (Institute of Photography).  I now use an Olympus OM-D camera.  I still photograph nature and landscapes, although now I have expanded my interests to include Cities, Still Life, and Monuments.   

More Poems:

The Lagoon



By the light of the silvery moon

Where we often meet

You look so kind and sweet

At nights at the lagoon


Sailing boats are at rest

The moon is all aglow

I am certain, and I know

That your love is the best


By the light of the silvery moon

We kiss each other tenderly

We caress each other eagerly

At nights spent on the lagoon


We will marry someday soon

Until then our romance

Keeps me in a trance

At nights at the lagoon




#moon   #silvery   #nights

#lagoon   #boats   #love

#romance  #marry



A Mirage




Love tastes sweeter than nectar

But like a bee with a sting

It can make you feel bitter

With the pain it can bring


Love is like a sweet song

The words seem so enchanting

But reality is so daunting

When love goes all wrong


Love seems so alluring

But it is just a delusion

It can be so dull, so boring

Love is like an illusion


Oh, take me away from its visage

Love is no more than a mirage





#love   #nectar   #bee

#bitter   #song   #reality

#illusion   #mirage