"If a Picture paints a thousand words, why can't I paint you?"
(From the song "IF" by Bread)

Gallery and More Poems
The theme for the gallery of photographs is Outdoor Photography, focusing on flowers, mainly roses
List of Images:

Pink Roses
Pink Roses-Close Up
White Roses
Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses-Close Up
White Rose
Flowers Display
Red Tulips

A Hot Summer Night



Feeling awake, too hot to sleep

As I turn out the light

Darkness comes as if to creep

Into a hot summer night


My eyes feel hard to close

As I lie on my bed

I am dreamy, I suppose

Light and airy is my head


Tossing, turning, trying to slumber

I’m half awake, tired and restless

I count sheep by the number

To ease away the stress


Cats outside are looking for prey

Tonight, the humidity is steep

Now and then, I often say

When can I rest, when can I sleep?


Sleeping away does not feel right

In this hot summer night






#awake   #sleep   #light

#summer   #night   #bed

#slumber   #rest






Someday soon she will return

Our love will never die

Someday soon they will learn

A true heart will never lie


Someday I'll be at her side

And stay at her side forever

Someday she will be my bride

And we will live together


Though you and I are far apart

Please do not fret nor fear

I love you with all my heart

I'll love you always, my dear


Someday soon we will meet each other

Someday soon we will be together




#someday  #love   #heart

#bride   #together   #apart

#soon   #meet


The End of June



It was a hot afternoon

The sun was blazing down

Over our quiet sleepy town

On the last day of June


I was on the harbour

On that fateful day

When she came my way

Licking her lips with ardour


I was of a young age

She was older, she was bold

She took my hand to hold

And my life turned a page


My soul began to burn

She showed me all that was wrong

Now it has been a whole year long

Life has taken a downward turn


I became a man that day

In a strange, bizarre way


#afternoon #sleepy #June

#harbour #lips # life #soul

Love is




Love is a gentle stream

Rippling along to the ocean

Love is a sweet dream

Filling us with joyous emotion


Love is an easy melody

Soothing us with caresses

Love is a romantic rhapsody

Warming our inner recesses


Love is being on a mountain

Making us feel high and mighty

Love is drinking from a fountain

Making us feel cool, not flighty


Love is being sister and brother

A part of a happy family

Love is caring for each other

No need for any tedious homily


Love is a true fraternity

Of people in each nation

Love is a virtual eternity

Of peace with true devotion


 #love #melody #ocean

#romantic #mountain #family















It’s a long journey to travel

From here to Shanghai

Yet there I must travel

I must go there, or I’ll die


She was a humble maiden

A beauty beyond compare

Every evening in the garden

Our thoughts we would share


We went to the city gallery

Together hand in hand

She showed me the history

Painted by artists in her land


But revolution tore us apart

I left China in sorrow and pain

It really broke my heart

To return to London again


It is a long journey to Shanghai

But I must go there or die


#journey #shanghai #maiden #garden
#gallery #history #China

Beautiful Stranger



Your name, I do not know

Your birthplace is a mystery

Lady, please don’t go

I want to know your history


With eyes of light hazel brown

Skin so smooth and white

Charcoal hair, flowing down

You are a beautiful delight


Oh, lovely lady. I often wonder

If we could be man and wife

We would never be torn asunder

I will love you for all my life


I love you, dear beautiful stranger

In being with you, there is no danger


#birthplace #history #hazel #smooth #charcoal hair
#lady #stranger

Joys of Spring

By H Abdul



Green grass is plenty everywhere

Fresh breezes caress my face

Smells of roses, daffodils in the air

The world seems a happy place


The skylarks in the meadows

Flying about; their shadows

Move like a work of art

Oh, such joy in my heart


The robins in the trees

Tweeting songs that thrill

My heart; Oh, how they ease

The pains of winters chill


Here comes the Spring

The bands begin to play

I can hear flutes as they sing

“Here is a brand, new day.”


tags: #green #grass #breezes

          #roses #daffodils #skylarks


Far from Home


Far across the seven seas

there is a place where I belong

To God, I pray all day long

Please let me go there, please


Far across land and ocean

lies the place I was born

A town that was my home

I remember it with devotion


Oh, let me go to the land

where the green grass grows

where the peaceful river flows

And the coast has golden sand


Oh, let me fly in a plane

to the home I love so dear

Oh, how I long to be near

my next-of-kin once again





#seven seas #land #ocean #town

#green grass #coast #next-of-kin



Five Hours




There are five hours to paradise

In hour one, I come to you

with a soul that’s become true

declaring my love without a disguise

In hour two, I give you a token

for letting the soul open

I feel more content, more wise

In hour three, I hear you say

let’s be together for more than a day

and my pride is cut down to size

In hour four, your hand is in mine

Our love takes a golden shine

for no one else, but our eyes

In hour five we walk together

like many a star-crossed lover

We come to our own paradise





#five #paradise #soul #disguise

#token #pride #together


Railway Train



Train, train, coming down the track

Take me away from here


Train, train, rolling down the track

Take me back where I belong


Railway train, I need you so

Please take me to my sweetheart


Railway train, I need you so

I miss the one I so much love


Railway train, please stop awhile

Please let me get on board


Train, train, moving down the track

Take me back to the one I love





















When sadness descends on you

And tears fill your eyes

Please shake off your sorrow

And smile, just smile


Wipe away all your tears

And think of days ahead

Try not to have fears

Of isolation, of suffering; just smile


We have only one life

So, make the most of being alive

Sorrow cuts like a knife

Please keep it away; just smile


Smile, and the others all smile

Weep, and you weep alone

So, make your day worthwhile

And smile away your sorrows

As I walked along the shore



As I went to the ocean shore

I remembered all the past years

How I lost all that I loved

And now there seems nothing more


As I walked along the ocean shore

The sea gulls flew over the waters

And rippling waves caressed my feet

Time went by unlike before


As I walked along the sandy shore

A cool breeze began to blow

I saw ferries and boats sail by

My spirit felt calm once more


When I walked back to the city

The streetlamps were lighting up again

The traffic was becoming busy

I went home, alone again, in a ‘land of plenty’.




Photography-Related Bio

My first venture into photography occurred in the early 1980’s when I bought my first camera, a 35mm Fuji camera.  I began by taking photographs of mainly nature and landscapes but also the architecture in Reading UK. 

            By the time I moved into my own Council accommodation, I bought my first personal digital Olympus Camera.  I continued to photograph nature and landscapes, and rapidly reduced taking shots of architecture.

            I have recently gained a Diploma in Photography with the IOP (Institute of Photography).  I now use an Olympus OM-D camera.  I still photograph nature and landscapes, although now I have expanded my interests to include Cities, Still Life, and Monuments.   

More Poems:

The Lagoon



By the light of the silvery moon

Where we often meet

You look so kind and sweet

At nights at the lagoon


Sailing boats are at rest

The moon is all aglow

I am certain, and I know

That your love is the best


By the light of the silvery moon

We kiss each other tenderly

We caress each other eagerly

At nights spent on the lagoon


We will marry someday soon

Until then our romance

Keeps me in a trance

At nights at the lagoon




#moon   #silvery   #nights

#lagoon   #boats   #love

#romance  #marry



A Mirage




Love tastes sweeter than nectar

But like a bee with a sting

It can make you feel bitter

With the pain it can bring


Love is like a sweet song

The words seem so enchanting

But reality is so daunting

When love goes all wrong


Love seems so alluring

But it is just a delusion

It can be so dull, so boring

Love is like an illusion


Oh, take me away from its visage

Love is no more than a mirage





#love   #nectar   #bee

#bitter   #song   #reality

#illusion   #mirage




Thinking of You



Every night I lie awake

In thoughts of love so true

I do not even try to shake

Away, the thoughts of you


In offices, shops and restaurants

I’m thinking only of you

Your voice, your image haunts

My mind. I’m lost without you


All the world is a stage

We played our part

As I turn life’s page

You stay in my heart


Each day may be brand new

I’m thinking only of you





#night   #awake   #love

#thoughts   #offices   #voice

#image   #heart



Hold On



Failure is laced with good intentions

No matter where you are

Pursuing your goal takes you far

Hold on to your dreams, your ambitions


When a dream is created

Don't wish upon a star

Get going, no matter how far

Don't stop, don't be frustrated


When you have an ambition

Make it a strong desire

Don't let it fade, or tire

Make success your mission


Defeat is laced with self-pity

Success is made of sterner things

Think of what perseverance brings

Let being ambitious be your duty


So, lend me all your attentions

Hold on to all your ambitions



#dreams #ambitions #desire

#success #mission #perseverance





Ring of Gold



We were young, and love started

You said that you loved me

And forever happy we would be

We would never be parted


Problems occurred, things went wrong,

We fell apart, you went your way

I still don’t know what to say

I’ve lost hope now. I’m not strong


All that is left of our love

Is the ring made of Gold

It’s a souvenir I hold

I wear it. I protect it with a glove


The ring of gold, a souvenir of affection

An emblem of our mutual attraction



#young #love #problems

#hope # ring #Gold #souvenir







A Winter Gale



She has gone. In days gone by

It was winter, dark and cold

She walked out, made me cry

And inflicted misery untold


Our last night, I remember

She yelled and screamed aloud

Our marriage she tore asunder

She said I was ignorant, yet proud


At winter nights, with the snows

Her image appears in my mind

I see what a sneer she shows

I try to leave it all behind


Every time there is a winter gale

I remember her, and turn pale

#winter #cold #dark

#night #snows #image #gale

The Crossroads



Farewell my love, we must part

To leave you here gives me sorrow

Yet the command I must follow

To the battlefront, I now depart


Farewell, my sweet Maria

The sounds of bugles are calling

Though war is deadly, appalling

I must fight that militia


At the crossroads we have come

We go our separate ways

I know not how many days

I will live until battle is done


Your love is too precious to die

So, wipe the tear from your eye

At the crossroads, I turn

This may be a point of no return



#command #battlefront #bugles

#militia #crossroads #love #return




Seven Seas



From London to San Francisco

From Los Angeles to Hong Kong

The voyages are hard and long

Across the seven seas I go


I search in hope, and despair

To find a more prosperous life

A beautiful lady for my wife

To be so forlorn is not fair


Long have I suffered in vain

To find suitable work and shelter

To make my life much better

So, I sail the seven seas again


Someday I will be at ease

Till then, I sail the seven seas


#london #san francisco
#los angeles # hong kong
#work  #shelter #seas

Do it Again



The way you walk on stage

With style and flair

the poets turn a page

Crowds cheer in the open air


The way you sing and dance

The crowds all sing along

You put all of us in a trance

To ask for more is no wrong


May you always perform

As many songs as you can

You keep our hearts warm

Child, woman and man


In sunshine or in rain

Keep singing, do it again



tags: #stage #poets #crowds

         #dance #songs #hearts #sunshine








Like a ten-year old boy

I dance to any melody

sing to any pop rhapsody

though it brings no joy

Like a young naïve adolescent

I clown in front of a crowd

though it does not do me proud

To my feelings, I cannot give vent

Like child without a mate

I weep inside for your love

I shout to the heavens above

Please don’t let it be too late

Without you, nothing is worthwhile

I’m lost without you, I’m infantile





#melody #rhapsody #adolescent #clown

#crowd #mate #heavens


The Idler




Spending my days in idle fantasy

I dream away the time

Thinking laziness is a crime

Oh, to live in a mansion is ecstasy


The time goes slowly by

and people come and go

I wonder why it is so

That no one gives me a try


Spending my time in a daze

Life is slowly slipping away

Everything is the same every day

The future is a misty haze


One day I’ll show my mettle

I’ll find some task where I excel

Who knows? Only time will tell

For the moment, I’ll boil the kettle




#fantasy #mansion #time

#daze #future #mettle #kettle



Without You




The world is a strange place

everything seems cold

without you


Life is a lonesome road

no-one to talk to

without you


My house is not a home

all is dull, boring

without you


There is no other love

I am an empty shell

without you



Forever My Love



Oh love, my sweet love

for how long will your love last?

“Forever my love”


My love, oh sweet love

How long will you adore me?

“Forever my love”


My love, oh sweet love

How long will you cherish me?

“Forever my love”


And if we both die

Will you still remember me?

“Forever my love”






Still Crazy




I still think of you

after so many years

of your love, warm and true

and your smiles, and laughter


I still go to the park

and write a poem for you

I still light candles after dark

and dream about our love


I still have your pictures

on my wall-after all this time

I keep all your letters

under my pillow-day and night


I guess I miss you so

Time stood still all these years

and though you had to go

I am still crazy for you